MongoDB Cheatsheet

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MongoDB Cheat Sheet

Show All Databases

show dbs

Displays a list of all available databases.

Show Current Database


Shows the name of the current working database.

Create Or Switch Database

use new_database

Creates a new database if it doesn't exist or switches to an existing one.

Drop Database


Deletes the current database.

Create Collection


Creates a new collection named 'posts' in the current database.

Show Collections

show collections

Lists all collections in the current database.

Insert Row

    title: 'Post One',
    body: 'Body of post one',
    category: 'News',
    tags: ['news', 'events'],
    user: {
    name: 'John Doe',
    status: 'author'
    date: Date()

Inserts a new document (row) into the 'posts' collection.

Insert Multiple Rows

    // ... multiple documents

Inserts multiple documents into the 'posts' collection.

Get All Rows


Retrieves all documents from the 'posts' collection.

Get All Rows Formatted


Formats and displays all documents from the 'posts' collection.

Find Rows

db.posts.find({ category: 'News' })

Retrieves documents from 'posts' where the category is 'News'.

Sort Rows

# Ascending

db.posts.find().sort({ title: 1 }).pretty()

# Descending

db.posts.find().sort({ title: -1 }).pretty()

Sorts documents based on the specified field.

Count Rows

db.posts.find({ category: 'news' }).count()

Counts the number of documents in the 'posts' collection.

Limit Rows


Limits the number of retrieved documents from the 'posts' collection.


db.posts.find().limit(2).sort({ title: 1 }).pretty()

Chains multiple operations to refine query results.


db.posts.find().forEach(function(doc) {
    print("Blog Post: " + doc.title)

Applies a function to each document in the 'posts' collection.

Find One Row

db.posts.findOne({ category: 'News' })

Retrieves the first document that matches the specified query.

Find Specific Fields

db.posts.find({ title: 'Post One' }, {
    title: 1,
    author: 1

Retrieves specific fields from documents in the 'posts' collection.

Update Row

db.posts.update({ title: 'Post Two' },
    title: 'Post Two',
    body: 'New body for post 2',
    date: Date()
    upsert: true

Updates or inserts a document in the 'posts' collection.

Update Specific Field

db.posts.update({ title: 'Post Two' },
    $set: {
        body: 'Body for post 2',
        category: 'Technology'

Updates specific fields in a document.

Increment Field ($inc)

db.posts.update({ title: 'Post Two' },
$inc: {
    likes: 5

Increments a numeric field in a document.

Rename Field

db.posts.update({ title: 'Post Two' },
$rename: {
    likes: 'views'

Renames a field in a document.

Delete Row

db.posts.remove({ title: 'Post Four' })

Removes documents from the 'posts' collection based on the specified query.


db.posts.update({ title: 'Post One' },
    $set: {
    comments: [
    // ... array of comments

Adds sub-documents (comments) to an existing document.

Find By Element in Array ($elemMatch)

    comments: {
    $elemMatch: {
        user: 'Mary Williams'

Finds documents containing specific elements in an array.

Add Index

db.posts.createIndex({ title: 'text' })

Creates an index on the 'title' field for text search.

    $text: {
        $search: "\"Post O\""

Performs a text search on the 'posts' collection.

Greater & Less Than

db.posts.find({ views: { $gt: 2 } })
db.posts.find({ views: { $gte: 7 } })
db.posts.find({ views: { $lt: 7 } })
db.posts.find({ views: { $lte: 7 } })

Retrieves documents with numeric values greater or less than specified.